An actress sues TikTok for using her voice for a viral function

A voice actress has sued TikTok. It is about Bev Standing, who ensures that the Chinese social network has used his voice without his consent and, in addition, has been included in viral messages with “foul and offensive” language. This, according to the legal document, will cause “irreparable damage” to the public image of the professional.

In his lawsuit, Standing asks ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, to remove and stop using your voice in the app. In addition, it requests financial compensation for damages and copyright infringements. So far, the company has not responded to legal filings.

According to The Independent, Standing made a series of recordings in 2018 for the Chinese Institute of Acoustics. The actress assures that the contract indicated that the 10,000 registered sentences were to be used in translations of Chinese texts. Furthermore, he indicates that he never gave permission for his work to be resold or used by other companies.

TikTok’s text-to-speech feature would use Bev Standing’s voice

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

It was thus that the Canadian-based voice actress was surprised to realize that her voice was in a new TikTok feature that allows the text written by the creators to be read aloud. “My voice is my product, it’s my business (…) you can’t just use it and not compensate me for what I do. If you want to use someone’s voice, pay for it, ”says Standing.

While Standing’s voice, if it really is hers, can now be much more recognizable thanks to being included in the TikTok application, this can also be a problem. The actress believes that this exposure will negatively affect her professional image.

Standing indicates on his website that he has worked in the media since he was young. Throughout his professional career he has lent his voice to a large number of brands, including: Revlon, Clarins, Hellman’s, Olay and Kellogg. Clearly, he never mentions TikTok. In the video below, you can listen to one of his jobs on Medicare pharmacies.

«You may have heard me on TV commercials, radio, iPad apps, YouTube videos, e-Learning, training, medical storytelling, message waiting, corporate presentations, awards intro, just to name a few of the many projects », He assures.

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