The Ministry of Health reported this Sunday that two people died and they were confirmed 103 new cases. With these new numbers, the number of deceased amounts to 47 and that of infected to 1554.

Three men, one 72-year-old residing in the province of Buenos Aires, the other 81-year-old from La Matanza, who died of a heart failure like; He had been hospitalized since March 30 and died in the Sanatorium Nuestra de la Merced de Martín Coronado and, finally, a 66-year-old man residing in the province of Córdoba, an agricultural engineer who was infected by his wife, died in the last few years. 24 hours.

The new confirmed cases are: 33 in the province of Buenos Aires, 32 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 11 in Santa Fe, 11 in Neuquén, 5 in Córdoba, 3 in Tierra de Fuego, 2 in Río Negro, 2 in La Rioja, 2 in Mendoza, 1 in Santa Cruz and 1 in Entre Ríos

Of all those cases, 695 (44.7%) are imported, 536 (34.5%) are close contacts of confirmed cases, 148 (9.5%) they are cases of community circulation and the rest are under epidemiological investigation.

This Sunday, in the morning report that every day is headed by the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, the portfolio that Ginés González García leads reported one more death from coronavirus in Argentina and with this new case the total number of deaths in the country amounted to 44. Two new deaths were added this afternoon and the number reached 46.

The latest data also show that 57% of confirmed cases are men and that the main affected age groups correspond to people between 20 and 59 years of age, the average age being 45 years.

On the morning of this Sunday Vizzotti highlighted the trend that shows the percentages of the mode of contagion. “We continue to see the decrease in cases with a travel history, the prevalence of case confirmation in younger people, and the negative impact in relation to mortality in older people.”He analyzed before highlighting the increase in the number of recoveries who were discharged, which he described as good news.

“The people in intensive care are 87. The number is stable in relation to the percentage of intensive therapy occupancy, with the strategy and recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Nation for both the public and private sectors. The 24 jurisdictions are working to make beds available and to reschedule surgeries that are not urgent, in addition to working to expand the number of beds in intensive care. That indicator remains stable without overloading the health system, “he said.

To date in Argentina, 9,705 tests have been carried out to find out if a person is infected or not. The amount began to multiply in recent days when other laboratories in the country were put into operation that allowed the work of the Malbrán Institute to be decentralized.

Argentina is in tenth place worldwide in the ranking of infected cases in relation to all coronavirus tests carried out in the country with a 18.25 percent positivity rate. This percentage is the highest in the region: it means that one out of every five tests with the reagent to detect COVID-19 was positive.