Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal to bring ‘Finding the Mother Tree’ adaptation

According to Variety, Oscar nominees Jake Gyllenhaal (‘Stronger’) and Amy Adams (‘The Woman in the Window’) will produce the film adaptation of the memoir by scientist Suzanne Simard ‘Finding the Mother Tree’, after their respective production companies Nine Stories and Bond Group Entertainment have obtained the rights to the work.

Adams to star in the film recounting Simard’s pioneering and once-derided investigation. The book is described as “a dazzling scientific detective story about the woman who first discovered how trees communicate underground through an immense web of fungi.”

“The forest has taught me that our relationships, with each other and with the trees, plants and animals around us, are what make our lives beautiful, strong and healthy. I am delighted to partner with the visionaries of Nine Stories and Bond Group to bring this story to the screen and share it with people everywhere, “said Simard.

The adaptation will be produced by Adams and Stacy O’Neil for Bond Group Entertainment, along with Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker for Nine Stories. For his part, Noah Stal will supervise for Nine Stories and Kate Clifford will do the same for Bond Group Entertainment.