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Amper digitizes Prosegur’s fire protection systems

The TFS company of the Amper Group, a manufacturer of intelligent pressure control systems, has achieved a commercial agreement with Prosegur, a leading company in the security sector, with the aim of betting on the digitization of fire prevention and protection devices.

This agreement represents a strategic alliance for the introduction of the TFS system at the national level. The project focuses on the optimization and monitoring of the firefighting systems used by Prosegur, thus taking a step forward in this area.

Innovation and smart systems are one of the Group’s differentiating elements. The company works with different technologies, -such as NB-IoT, LoRa, via radio or NFC– that optimize the communication and configuration of the equipment. The TFS system is the first global system with the capacity to control and carry out maintenance tasks through its mobile application thanks to the NFC interaction.

The agreement between both companies is strongly committed to digitization. TFS has a trained and dynamic human capital that develops its business activity in an international environment. A highly qualified and specialized team oriented towards innovation, export and technological control.

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