AMP.- O. Next.- At least three Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli bombings in Syria


At least three Syrian soldiers have died and another has been injured as a result of shelling carried out overnight by Israeli aviation against military targets inside Syria, as reported by the state agency SANA, while the Syrian Observatory for the Human Rights has raised the number of fatalities to ten.

According to a Syrian military source, the Israeli “aggression” has resulted in three soldiers killed and another wounded, as well as “material damage.” According to the source, cited by SANA, “Syrian air defense has shot down some of the rockets” fired by Israel against the south of the country.

For its part, the Observatory has indicated that among the ten killed are three Syrians, including officers, as well as five Iranians belonging to the Al Quds force of the Revolutionary Guard, and two other people who could belong to militias supported by Tehran.

In a statement, the Israeli Army has confirmed the attack. As he explained, this Tuesday, Israeli soldiers located improvised explosive devices on the Israeli side of the line that separates the territories controlled by both countries in the Golan Heights that “had been placed by a Syrian squad led by Iranian forces.”

In response to this fact, the Israeli aviation bombed during the night “military targets belonging to the Al Quds force and the Syrian Armed Forces,” he specified. The targets include storage facilities, military barracks and compounds as well as Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries.

According to the Israeli Army, the detection of the devices is “one more clear proof of the Iranian entrenchment in Syria.” In this sense, he warned that it “considers the Syrian regime responsible for all the actions perpetrated from its territory” and that it “will continue to operate whatever is necessary against the Iranian entrenchment in Syria, which threatens regional stability.” The Israeli Army “is prepared for various scenarios,” he warned.

Speaking to the press, the Israeli Army spokesman, Johnathan Conrius, explained that a total of eight targets had been reached and clarified that the explosives found on Tuesday were near the place where an attack attempt was made in August. “We hope that now the message is clear,” he stressed, according to DPA. “It is unacceptable that the Syrian regime accepts attacks against Israel from its territory,” he defended.