AMP.- Afghanistan.- At least eight dead and 31 injured after the launch of 23 rockets on Kabul


At least eight people have died and 31 have been injured this Saturday in Kabul by the explosions caused by the impact of at least 23 rockets in different parts of the Afghan capital, as confirmed by sources from the Interior Ministry to the Tolo News chain.

According to the first investigations, the rockets were fired from inside the city itself – presumably from a market and from the Tahye Maskan area – and hit several residential areas, diplomatic headquarters and traffic points in the capital. .

One of them exploded in the vicinity of a school, while the target of another was the square where the Vice Presidency of the country has its offices. Another of the rockets has exploded within the premises of the Iranian Embassy without leaving any fatalities or injuries, as confirmed by the Embassy itself in a statement also collected by Tolo News.

The Afghan security forces have also confirmed impacts in the Wazir Akbar Khan and Shahr e Naw protected areas in the city center, as well as in several roundabouts, in the Lysee Maryam market and the Panjsad Family areas in the north. from Kabul.

The Taliban have already issued a statement denying any responsibility for the attacks.