Love Romeira, who a few weeks ago told how some football parties she attended were like, now she has gone further and has brought to light private, personal and sexual messages of a very famous player who played in the First Division. He has done it through a long Twitter thread in which he even attaches and publishes captures, but without the name of the person he refers to, with whom he has been flirting for years according to what he has.

The former contestant on Big Brother begins like this: «A long time ago (like 8 or 9 years) I met a soccer player from First Division that was the most handsome man of the moment. It was a panty breaker. We all wanted to be with him and he was very conquering « , who admits that there were » a few kisses and a little magreo. Amor goes on to say that in recent days that ‘fooling around’ has been resumed and that there has even been ‘sexting’.

To try to prove it, Amor shares screenshots of those risque conversations allegedly with this footballer, who on the other hand believes that he is gay and does not confess because of some of the things he tells him:
« Confirmed! They have fucked his ass, that is … that my anal finger is not enough it has to be a ra ** … I continue with my sexting and another bomb arrives. He wants to eat uncle’s *** along with me! Come on, as if it were my best friend and the two enjoying the male’s tail. Oh my god… why are you punishing me like this. I was looking for a good fuck from that footballer and you sent me a chupoptera mana ».

«It makes me sad because if she really likes men, she should be able to say so and enjoy her sexuality freely. But of course in his world of football it would be an unprecedented scandal. So sad. He is hidden gay and he cannot say it because of the homophobia that exists in football », he concludes.