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The free-to-play sensation of the moment is Among Us. This mobile title took the market by storm in recent days and has increased its reach thanks to the fact that it is available on mobile phones. It is doing very well on this platform and today it was revealed that the number of downloads took off incredibly in August and September.

The analysis firm Sensor Tower shared interesting data that shows the performance of the title on mobile phones. According to the information, the game has already been downloaded 86.6 million times since its launch in 2018. However, it is striking that just over 60 million of those downloads occurred in the margin of 45 days.

Definitely, one of the most important months for the game, at least in the mobile ecosystem, was August, as it was when the popularity of the title began to take off, which made people know and download it. According to the information, 18.8 million downloads were registered in the App store and Google Play, which represents an increase of 661% compared to the previous month.

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Among Us’s popularity is on the rise

However, the best month in terms of downloads is not August, but September, since just in the first half of the month there were already 41.9 million downloads, which represents an increase of 100% compared to August, although without a doubt you will get more in the rest of the month and it was enough to become the best month for the game.

Something that is important to note is that most of the downloads come from iOS devices, because Among Us has been downloaded 60.4 million times through the Google Play Store, while just over 26 million downloads have been recorded by middle of the App Store.

Of this figure, the United States has contributed the largest part (23.7% of downloads), Brazil follows closely behind (19.2% of downloads) and Mexico is the third country with the most Among Us players (almost 8% of downloads).

The opposite occurs with the spending of the players in these systems, since in Android an expense of $ 1.3 million has been registered, while the iOS users already spent $ 1.9 million. In total, therefore, Among Us has generated $ 3.2 million, something impressive, considering that it is a free-to-play title.

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Image: Sensor Tower

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As you can see, the story of Among Us is one of long-term success. Well, the game debuted almost 2 years ago, but so far its popularity has risen like foam. Part of this result is thanks to the fact that the developer InnerSloth has not stopped updating the title and is already working on more news that fans have asked for a long time. The studio even launched an online store with a lot of interesting merchandise, but unfortunately it’s out of stock.

If you still don’t know much about this title, but you want to try why it is the sensation of the moment, we invite you to visit this page.

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