Among all its debts, this is what Interjet owes its passengers

An element of great value in the current air market is that we have seen brands that have stood out for the adaptation of their businesses.

Interjet had been one of the leading brands in the airline market and a benchmark for the number of connections it had.

More and more valuable references have been established within the air market, because they help us to size the capacity of the brands.

The air market is one of the most affected in the midst of the health contingency that we are facing, since it warns us of the role that brands such as Interjet play in understanding the market.

That said, all kinds of phenomena have been registered that warn us of how important it is today to be able to develop proposals that are ever closer to the consumer.

That is why we must be attentive to what strategies companies implement, because in this way we are able to generate best practices, with which a new profitable business proposal can be defined.

Internet debt with the consumer

Interjet is experiencing one of the most drastic business nightmares, after the airline adds a debt of 2 million 617 thousand pesos to 188 passengers, who started a collective complaint against the company.

The measure is launched against the decision of the airline to offer vouchers, for routes that it no longer covered and without the consent of the passengers, in addition to requesting reimbursement of the airport use fee, corresponding to the use of a terminal aerial, which in his case never happened.

This incident is an unfortunate reminder of the situation the airline market is going through and a reminder of the ability of brands to adapt to this market.

That said, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals the opportunity that brands play today, especially when having to rethink their commercial activities.

That is why it is very important to dimension the role of the Internet today, since the decisions you make will define your business activity and most importantly, an opportunity will be revealed on how to survive a brand crisis.

Airlines land because of the contingency

Information published by the International Air Transport Association reported in June 2020 that several airlines had had to land due to the health contingency.

In this sense, the airlines that according to the agency closed their activities are South African Airways, Avianca Latam, Thai, Air Mauritius, Teme and Flyest.

This impact that the airlines have registered in the market has undoubtedly been patented with the capacity that the brands have acquired but now in the way in which they manage to reveal increasingly thoughtful trends in the market and in the way they define weighty activities at the time of face the consequences of the contingency.

The impact in numbers

The damage that the contingency has caused in the air sector has been measured by organizations such as the OAG Schedules Analyzer, noting that the reduction in the frequency of flights in the first week of January (until the fourth of this month) was less 43.5 percent, demonstrating the effect this unprecedented health phenomenon has had on business.

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