AMLO’s approval rises 5 points

Citizen approval of President López Obrador registered a rebound, going from 59 to 64 percent between October and November. In contrast, disapproval of the president dropped from 38 to 33 percent. This increase of five points occurs at the end of the second year of government, and coincides with the presentation of the Ethics Guide by the President and his government a few days ago.

AMLO approval rises in the last monthAMLO approval rises in the last monthAMLO maintains approval level in two years, similar to Felipe CalderónAMLO maintains approval level in two years, similar to Felipe Calderón’s

According to the study, the president’s image of honesty rose from 54 to 60 percent in the past month. When asked about the Ethics Guide, 64 percent agreed that the government promotes values ​​of love, forgiveness and redemption through said guide. 22 percent said they disagreed.

Majority of respondents agree with the Ethical GuideMost respondents agree with the Special Ethics Guide

Although the image of honesty made progress, opinion about the government’s ability to deliver results registered a slight second consecutive decline, going from 39 to 37 percent this month. There had already been a slight decline of 41 to 39 percent in the previous month.

Citizens badly rate AMLO's capacity for resultsCitizens badly rate AMLO’s capacity for results Special

The way in which the President and his government handled the emergency of the floods in Tabasco divided opinions: 35 percent gave a favorable evaluation, while 27 percent an unfavorable and 26 percent neutral. The news of the return of General Cienfuegos to Mexico was taken with pessimism, since 17 percent had a favorable opinion of it, while 56 percent expressed an unfavorable opinion. Just last month, 76 percent of those consulted gave a favorable opinion to the news of the General’s arrest, with 10 percent expressing an unfavorable opinion.

Another aspect that seems to be changing in the minds of citizens is the wait on the part of López Obrador to take a position on the elections in the United States. 44 percent percent approve of the President continuing to wait until he congratulates a winner, despite the fact that Joe Biden’s lead has been confirmed by the counts. 34 percent disapprove of waiting for the President. Last month, AMLO’s approval for waiting to congratulate a winner reached 57 percent, compared to 25 percent who disapproved.

According to the survey, the percentage of Mexicans who believe that the relationship between the López Obrador government and the eventual Joe Biden government will be good rose slightly from 28 to 30 percent in the last month, but the percentage who believe that the relationship will be regular rose from 29 to 50 percent, likely reflecting an effect of the President’s wait.

Citizens believe that Mexico-US relationship will be regularCitizens believe that Mexico-US relationship will be regular

The survey reveals that in internal matters the best evaluated after two years of government is education, with 41 percent, although 37 percent think unfavorably. It is followed by performance in corruption, with 39 percent, and health, with 35 percent. In public security, it reaches 28 percent positive, with 54 percent negative; In economics, 25 percent think well and 49 percent think badly. In job creation, the positive opinion is 20 percent and the negative 51 percent. And as for the way in which it treats femicides, only 11 percent think well and 55 percent badly, this being the worst evaluated issue of the current administration.

Education, the area best rated by citizensEducation, an area best rated by citizens SpecialCitizens rate the government's performance in Health matters downwards Citizens rate the government’s performance in Special Health matters downwards

Methodology: National survey conducted by telephone to 820 Mexican adults on November 14 and 27-29, 2020. A probabilistic sampling of residential and cell phones was made in the 32 states. With a 95% confidence level, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 3.4 percent. The questions marked with (*) were asked on November 27-29, with 410 interviews.

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