The president pointed out that his project, based on his daily consultation with the majority of the people, could even be a model for other countries to follow.

The economic recovery plan presented on Sunday at the National Palace is a method that can be corrected, but there will be no other on the part of the Treasury, as had been speculated, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said.

“There will be no other,” he said, “I was seeing some on the networks saying: ‘where is the plan?’. They heard nothing ”.

During the morning conference, López Obrador maintained that the most condescending with his government indicated that he had disclosed the general guidelines and Arturo Herrera would announce other measures this week, to point out, break down.

“No, this is it. Only, that this objectively did not work, but we did not get ahead, we did not disqualify“He reiterated.

“We do not fall into complacency, especially when the general interest is involved, but we are optimistic and we think this is the most convenient, and we do not want to open the door to the corrupt“, Held.

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Asked whether the announcement will be sufficient in the face of the world crisis or, even, in the face of a possible recession, the President He pointed out that his project could even be a model for other countries to follow.

“What I am seeing is that the neoliberal model is collapsing, because that is what is happening; the coronavirus precipitated the fall of a failed model, that’s why the world crisis ”, he explained.

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The federal president affirmed that the anti-crisis plan was based on the consultation he makes every day with the majority of the people, since he constantly visits different regions of the country.

“I don’t think a previous president has traveled in the time that I have been in the country so many times. Constantly, I am collecting the feelings of the people and not only from the sectors most benefited by the circumstances, but I listen to all Mexicans, ”he said.

“Before, in the anterooms of public servants, there were the representatives of the groups with the greatest economic power, not the peasants, workers. It was attended to the one with the most handles and influence, and the moment came when the luckiest were those who ruled, they had taken the government, “he added.

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Too He assured that his administration has not stopped listening to the most representative economic sectors in the country.

“We have to listen, attend and respect everyone, but give preference to humble people,” he said.

“We do listen to everyone, but we decided that the plan will protect the majority first.”

Regarding the time to see the results of his plan, López Obrador indicated that everyone will be able to verify it, but that he would not set a deadline.

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“We are going to have to continue rowing against the current, but I am used to that. Melchor Ocampo said:: I break, but I don’t double ’,” he concluded.