We are not in a situation where unfortunately other countries are. Hospital capacity and care guaranteed by discipline in quarantine

AMLO underscores quarantine compliance

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. The President of Mexico ruled out overflow of hospitals due to a coronavirus pandemic since the evolution is in accordance with the projections based on healthy distance and voluntary confinement.

AMLO was questioned by the press on versions that speak of saturation of hospitals, “overflow”.

Revealed that was meeting with those responsible for Health in which an analysis was made of the moment in Mexico’s health emergency.

It should be noted that the President has underlined su recognition of the discipline of the people themselves who have opted for voluntary confinement en masse.

The statements in the framework of the pandemic peak in the metropolitan area of ​​Valle de México, this is Mexico City itself and 59 municipalities in the State of Mexico as well as one in the State of Hidalgo.

People have been very good

In his statement to the media, he again underlined the centrality of people’s behavior that has allowed the “flattening” of the epidemic curve.

– «It goes according to what was projected by the experts, the specialists; I’m going to ask Hugo López-Gatell to show you the projections– expressed AMLO.

The president relaunched the message that the pandemic is being addressed and regretted the deaths, especially.

– “That the pandemic is being attended to, the most important thing of all is that despite the suffering of the loss of human lives we have been able to avoid an overflow,” he indicated as a message.

The above to an express question from the press.

Responding in relation to an outbreak of the pandemic in Mexico, he stated: –“We can rule that out.”

“We are working every day”he said and stressed: «people have been very good, exceptionally »

“… we are not in the situation that unfortunately other countries are in,” he added.

Finally he pointed to the reporter who asks: «but I repeat, it is in bad taste you cannot compare tragedies »because even the loss of a single life is regrettable.

Direct support to 70% of Mexicans with 4 million loans

Base of the social pyramid is supported to boost the general economy and there, the other 30% benefit – middle and high classes. No corruption benefits for all

New humanistic economic policy

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. AMLO pointed out that corruption in Mexico is what unleashed corruption and violence. With an economic model with a social and humanistic dimension.

The goal is 4 million credits of which have been allocated and 44 thousand 721 million, that is to say 10% of the objective, during the months of April and May.

The credits that we deliver are to the word, without intermediation, because the greatest wealth of the people of Mexico is their honesty, stressed President AMLO

This is when announcing his report on the different loans that are granted directly to support Mexicans, revive the economy and create jobs.

– «(…) is something unique for the welfare of the people-, stated AMLO.

The social pyramid

He defended his economic policy other than neoliberalism and He stressed that it is an economy with humanism and with a social sense.

The idea is that the base of the social pyramid is reactivated economically through support for 70% of Mexicans.

As he has said on other occasions se is that families have at least one support from the new administration.

When the economy of 7 was reactivated0% middle and upper classes receive benefits economic.

– «This is the government of all» – stressed

Credits to the word

“We are breaking the mold”– that is, the idea that was imposed for the sake of convenience that it was necessary to orient the people, because the people did not know »how to exercise credits.

The president stressed that “every citizen is very aware, that he has a lot of knowledge and that he graduated from the university of life and that he can”.

He dismissed the intermediaries because they are 307 billion pesos, which are a temptation, he risks that the supports do not arrive or “arrive with a moche.”

They are credits to the word because you believe in people.

Most could not have credits in commercial banking and the requirements are many, including collateral.

This is credits «to the word because we are an honest and responsible people ».