AMLO participated in the G20 and this is what he said about the pandemic

Just a few days ago the barrier of 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 was crossed in Mexico

Many have criticized the federal government for its handling of the pandemic, which does not appear to have stopped infections or boosted the economy.

However, AMLO’s cabinet has been quite satisfied with the results, thanking the people for their performance.

Today, the G20 summit is being held virtually in Saudi Arabia. The leaders of the 20 largest economies around the world, including Mexico, met at a distance in a video conference. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), head of the Federal Executive in the Republic, also participated. And the center of his speech, like that of his counterparts, was the health crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in its economic magnitude.

Throughout his participation, AMLO asked the rest of the G20 to trust the population more to avoid COVID-19 infections. Likewise, he assured that his focus should be on guaranteeing health conditions for the bulk of his countries. But his biggest request was to avoid bailouts and incur debt for financial institutions or companies. He assured that the road to a good post-COVID future must start from the bottom, first supporting the poorest sectors.

AMLO’s comments quickly made the G20 topic trending on Twitter. While some commentators and users congratulated the president for his statements, others were dedicated to criticizing the apparent focus that was given to his participation. It is worth mentioning that the other leaders of the summit also focused their public speeches on addressing the issue of COVID-19. An exception was the American Donald Trump, who focused only on politics.

AMLO’s statements, with a bad taste in the mouth for the economy

Other appearances by G20 leaders drew attention. . reported both the statements of President Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin, leader in Russia. The first assured that they are already working on creating a support network for the distribution of anti-COVID vaccines around the world, coinciding with AMLO on their availability. For his part, the ex-KGB agent assured that he is already getting ready to send his formulas.

Related Notes

It is worth returning to AMLO’s statements, as they go against the suggestions of various international organizations. According to the Independent, in early November the International Monetary Fund (IMF) actually asked Mexico (and other countries) to increase fiscal investment due to the crisis. Something that goes against not only the recent intervention in the G20, but also the austerity policy that the president has had for several years.

Certainly there have been signs, for months, of the country’s problematic economic situation that have not improved thanks to AMLO’s policies. Marketplace remembers not only that already before the pandemic, Mexico was in a recession. The effect of COVID-19 and the errors in its management could bring down the national economy by up to 10 percent by 2020. Something that would further worsen the already pervasive situation of poverty and unemployment.

The federal government plan

Of course, that the AMLO administration has not taken the same path as the rest of the G20 countries does not mean that it does not have economic stimulus projects in mind. The Tabasco president, for example, announced in early November that he was preparing a mega investment initiative with private agents. This would focus mainly on the energy and transportation infrastructure of the Republic, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Likewise, AMLO announced that an increase in the minimum wage in 2021 is being considered. This, first as a strategy to improve the working conditions of much of the workforce in the country. But also to try to stabilize the national economy from the base, as the president regularly proclaims. It should be noted that since the founder of Morena took power, the minimum remuneration has increased by 36 percent.