AMLO offers 2 government reports and these are 3 keys

The digital channel has become the largest medium that political brands such as AMLO’s have today, due to the influence these platforms have on audiences.

One aspect that is tremendously important about AMLO is that it is already a registered trademark, so all the actions it carries out are of great weight.

Among the main characteristics of AMLO as president are his ability to communicate through social networks.

Digital has been the key medium for the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reaches the second year of government with at least 5 important keys, which we can highlight from this important event.

Social networks and digital interaction have been AMLO’s main guidelines, to achieve consolidation as one of the most important political brands, due to the amount of reactions it generates in the media through which it communicates.

Facing the second government report, digital paper on social networks has been key and the most important thing is that more and more lessons have been established that help us to fully exploit the online medium.

The five main keys for the second AMLO government report.

The president is already a registered trademark

Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller registered their names and acronyms, so until 2030 they are trademarks that cannot be commercially exploited by other subjects.

These measures are established as an important lesson in how necessary it is to have the registration of a trademark at a time when the influence it reaches through social networks requires absolute control of personal trademarks, especially due to the capacity that these achieve to generate influence and commercial actions.

Communicate through social networks

Communication through social networks has increased in value more and more, especially due to the importance of these platforms, in influencing through content.

The best example of this work has to do with the opportunity in the market to develop innovative guidelines, as seen by the growth figure in audience within Facebook, by President López Obrador.

Figures projected by the newspaper Milenio warn that AMLO tripled his audience through the famous press conferences that he offers every morning.

The comparison between November 27, 2019 and November 27, 2020 revealed that the conferences reached more than 203 million views, against the 63 million views recorded in the previous period.

Performance in the face of contingency

AMLO’s performance during the health contingency has been measured and there are important results, such as those listed by PQR Planning Quant.

The firm found what the approval rate of the Mexican president was, for his actions against the health contingency and 26 percent said they had a high rating on his work, while 29 percent said they totally disapproved of his measures.

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