AMLO insists: women’s indignation against Salgado Macedonio is a lynching with political interests

Video: Government of Mexico

This Friday, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, spoke for the third day in a row about what – he said – is “a campaign” against the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio to the government of Guerrero and who is accused of raping at least five women.

During his traditional morning conference in the Treasury Room of the National Palace, López Obrador insisted that the outrage of women against Salgado Macedonio is a lynching with political interests.

“(…) I am very aware because it is very noticeable. In the case of Félix Salgado Macedonio they are already putting me in and there is a lynching campaign, you have to ask the people of Guerrero. You have to ask whose part (…) there is a lot of politicking ”, he assured.

He accused that in all radio programs there are criticisms of the government and assured that there are columnists and columnists who are dedicated to attacking it.

“There is one launched in all radio programs, in the press against Félix Salgado Macedonio. What I propose is to ask the people (…) The opposition already have it as a flag, not a vote for the other party that I cannot mention (Morena) … there is a lot of politicking, that is a matter that hopefully and it will be resolved in the best terms … “, he pointed.

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“Those who previously thought that the town did not exist, stayed in the almanac and did not understand that there is already a change and that the town is now the main actor in public life in Mexico, It is not a stone guest, it no longer works , the so-called ‘red circle’ doesn’t work. That is why the media are increasingly angry (…) “he insisted.

The Chief Executive reiterated that despite this “campaign” against the licensed senator, the people have “confidence” in his government.

“Then they get upset because despite all that bombardment, people trust us. So what happens, if they have all the columnists, all the columnists, with honorable exceptions, dedicated to attacking us. Because people have their own criteria, because the people’s mentality has already changed, it is not the same anymore. So we are going to launch the campaign against Félix Salgado Macedonio and we take the opportunity to say that they are against women, that they are enemies of the movement feminist .. All that and they think that all people are going to support those positions .. well no, it is not like that anymore “, he asserted.


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