AMLO “has all the power to impose his will, even in cases where there are complaints of sexual violence”: strong criticism of the president for his support for Salgado Macedonio

(Photo: Moisés Pablo / Cuartoscuro) (Photo: Moisés Pablo / Cuartoscuro)

Félix Salgado Macedonio, candidate for governor of Warrior, is accused of sexual abuse and harassment. Meanwhile, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has described the situation as a media lynching and it is a case in which he defined “there is a lot of politicking”.

But in response to requests that the president withdraw his support for the senator, he responded: “Ya chole”. And he reiterated that it is a electoral issue, because there are other people who aspire to the same position, besides it is something that corresponds to the competent authorities and the inhabitants of Guerrero to decide.

The answers that López Obrador has given regarding the case have generated various questions in this regard and in the way in which he conducts his administration.

Journalist Salvador Camarena mentioned in his opinion column for El Financiero that Brunette faces a dilemma and one way is to continue with what is dictated by the president, who has indicated that it is the citizens who choose at the polls, or attend the claims of the victims of the militants and victims.

(Photo: Graciela López / Cuartoscuro) (Photo: Graciela López / Cuartoscuro)

“We’ll see how Morena swallows the toad –and the respective costs she would pay– of washing Salgado Macedonio’s face when he ratified that Andrés Manuel has all the power to impose his will, even in cases where there are reports of sexual violence […] because hardly will want to be seen as a president who could be imposed a change, and who will later want to impose others, “he said.

On February 15, Salgado Macedonio was registered as Morena’s candidate for governor of Guerrero. And in his speech, the licensed governor said: “I want to give public recognition to women from Guerrero because women and youth are the engine of the Fourth TransformationWithout them there is no Fourth Transformation ”.

The journalist Paola Rojas questioned in her opinion column for El Universal that if the candidate is innocent, “why doesn’t he strongly deny the accusations? Why is he hiding? Why not go out and defend yourself against something that affects your political career and surely hurts your family?How to understand his silence?

While Margaret Zavala, lawyer and leader of the organization México Libre, mentions for the same publication that “Guerrero is a state that is victims of organized crime and is a state where violence against women is present every day and, to top it all, isn these days this violence has not only been officially accepted but also promoted by the government and its party”.

(Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Inside the party founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador have requested the withdrawal of support for Félix Salgado. The deputy for Morena, Lorena Villavicencio shared last week the position of the women of the party in which it is indicated that “a character with multiple accusations of violence is not allowed to be a candidate”.

In relation to the reactions of the president, Raymundo Riva Palacio described for El Financiero that “López Obrador governs selectively. He does not do politics, he fights. It does not solve, it complicates things. Polarization is what led him to the National Palace, but now, what benefited him hurts him. That heats him up, and when a president heats up and has no one to stop him, he becomes dangerous by opening the door to violence and all the demons that travel with it.

And he said that until Friday, February 19, there were 546 morning conferences and in which he has invested 58,300 minutes, according to data from SPIN Taller de Comunicación Politica, he has intended to denounce everything that is not subordinate to his beliefs. “Sometimes the underlying reason assists him, not in the form, and there are others that just because he wants to and can, attack and defame. There are also many occasions, such as the Salgado Macedonio storm that, instead of avoiding it, gets into it and makes it his own ”.

According to a survey by the newspaper Reforma, 71% of the people disapprove of the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio.


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