The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, regretted the human losses during the world’s health emergency. In addition to offering condolences to the families of the victims, he assured that there are enough beds in the country to attend to patients:

We have enough hospital beds, intensive care beds, doctors, missing equipment, ventilators, and you can face the pandemic in a better, much better situation, and save more lives.

Our condolences to relatives, because it is not a number that is growing day by day, they are people with friends, with relatives who feel these losses very much, as everything that means a death from any cause, is always painful.

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The president indicated that Mexico has not been overtaken by the pandemic, that the work continues and gave its recognition to the population for following the preventive measures before COVID-19:

“… we are doing our job and we will not tire of recognizing the support of the people to follow the recommendations, which has been essential; without that, we would not be in the situation we are in, the pandemic would have overtaken us and that fortunately it didn’t happen. “

In this sense, AMLO highlighted that the monitoring of healthy distance was a key factor for the results that have been obtained. And he described the ‘people’ as deserving of a gold medal, while the medical staff a silver one.

“All this because the healthy distance worked, the decisions that were made based on the recommendations of the technicians, doctors, and scientists, that helped us a lot. Gold medal for the people, silver medal for the doctors, nurses, who are still there on the battlefront risking their lives, they are heroes, heroines, all the medical personnel. “

He continued to recognize the work of the medical staff; He explained that there will be decorations for his solidarity work.

“All the medical personnel who are going to be recognized, decorated so that the history of their solidarity, fraternal work remains in history.”

Among health professionals and others who have also played a critical role in dealing with the pandemic, he listed doctors, nurses, specialists, scientists, and mathematicians, who have assisted in the projections.

“… For them too, bronze, for them a recognition,” he reiterated.

“Civil society organizations, which have also joined, have joined. Imagine what the agreement meant at the time so that private hospitals cared for non-COVID patients and could use hospitals only for the care of COVID, Public hospitals”.

The president commented that in very few countries in the world an agreement like the one reached at the time in Mexico was reached between the different social actors.