The president also announced that Conacyt is leading a ventilator project to care for patients with coronavirus.

If necessary, the federal government will request Cuba to send nurses and doctors specialized in intensive care, this is how the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the morning conference this Monday.

“Yes, there are talks to, if necessary, ask them to help us precisely with intensive care specialists. This is in stages, it is in the case that is required, “he said.

The federal president affirmed that in Mexico two stages that have to do with the health sector are already well advanced.

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Beds, fans, specialists, that plan is going very well and I would say, although we are not yet in the difficult stage, we are with more resourcesWe have more beds, more fans, more specialists than we need today, only in the health sector, “he said.

“It cannot be said that the health sector, that is, the national institutes, state hospitals, IMSS hospitals, ISSSTE hospitals are full, we do not have that, fortunately. We have spaces there, attention capacity, “he added.

He also said that the reinforcement, in case the hospitals are full, are ready. This has to do with the Marine Plan and the DN-III Plan.

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“And the third thing is the expansion of capacities both in health and in the Armed Forces and in that expansion of capacities could be asking the government of Cuba for its support in sending experts and specialists in those circumstances,” he said.

López Obrador stated that the lack of doctors to deal with Covid-19 in the country is part of the failure of neoliberal policy.

“We have been informed by the doctors who carry out this strategy, that we have around a thousand specialists in intensive care and that, in a critical situation, we are going to need up to 10,000,” he said.

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Of these dimensions is the failure of neoliberal policy. It is one of the most disastrous balances of politics that has prevailed for 36 years, which is why it is surprising that there are especially writers, journalists who defend the neoliberal model despite the evident failure because this is nothing more than an ideological or political issue, it is practical judgment. Why don’t we have the doctors, the specialists? ”He criticized.

Conacyt leads project to build fan

This Monday, López Obrador also announced that the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) is spearheading a project to see the possibility of building a fan.

Work is being done on that, but they are the Conacyt research centers. The same is the IPN doingDespite the lack of resources, the technicians, researchers, and professionals are very good, ”he said.

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He announced that the fan is being tested and that 10 more days are left to close the idea.

For this reason, he said, his administration will continue to support science, but avoid corruption because, he said, funds were transferred to trusts for technological innovation and were like subsidies for companies without results for the benefit of society.

“There were groups that dominated everything related to science and technology, remember the campaign against the director of Conacyt. Now that the decision was made to collect the resources of the trusts and funds, in the case of Conacyt there were 64 trusts, ”he said.