AMLO defends Félix – Police, local, national news

What would have seemed incredible turned out to be true: the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, defended the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio.

This after the senator with license, received the approval of the Morena Party, led by Mario Delgado.

For both politicians, the reports of rape did not matter that weigh against the controversial politician who aspires to govern the state of Guerrero.

« As well that the context is known, because we are talking about an election ”, asked López Obrador.

He insisted on his defense: “Take care that these cases are not used for political-electoral or political purposes”.

And at the height of astonishment, he stated: These types of accusations are very strong, but political lynchings cannot be carried out either.

And more: he asked that the best thing is to ask the people and not the media campaign. The message was forceful: Salgado Macedonio will not leave the candidacy.

He again accused the media of being behind the campaign against Morena’s candidate.

« Most of the media is unfortunately at the service of the interests that dominated the country until recently, » he stressed.

He resumed the defense of the Morena candidate. “If surveys are made and people say: I agree with this colleague, with this colleague, I think it should be respected, because politics is everyone’s business, not elites”.

Once Morena’s intentions to nominate Salgado Macedonio as a candidate became known, the reports of rape against him arose.

The Council of Honor and Justice -Which should not bear that name-, endorsed the politician as a candidate.

But the greatest defense came this Wednesday from the National Palace. A month ago the President also addressed the issue and said it was a « partisan issue. »

Basilia Castaneda, one of the women who reported having been raped by the politician in 1998, warned: « I know that if he wins, I have to leave the country. »

Is that the defense of the Fourth Transformation towards women? Basilia’s request to López Obrador was unique: « do not defend a rapist. »

PROSPECTING… Collectives and feminist women petitioned the President Lopez Obrador, withdraw the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio to the governorship of Morena in the state of Guerrero. In social networks activists, journalists, writers and actresses launched the campaign # No AggressorInThe Power.

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