President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accepted the Governors’ proposal to carry out a review of the Fiscal Coordination Law. Read AMLO: this week defines the return to school in Mexico

“Regarding the amendment to the fiscal coordination agreement, it would have to be analyzed. We promptly deliver federal transfers, resources to the states, we do not withhold their shares, we do not condition them, they do not have to beard any official, the Secretary of the Treasury is instructed to deliver the participations on time, because it is money from the people, the money that goes to the citizens of the states, “he said.

“So, if you want to change the formula so that the states manage more than the Federation, we are going to think that this is what they are proposing, so that it be analyzed.”

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However, he announced that this is not the time to make modifications, and attributed much of the pressure to the upcoming federal elections.

“Would it be time to do such a review?” He was asked.

“I think not, but it is the same, as we are on the eve of the elections, flags are already being held, I say, this is not the case,” he replied.

“Because they want more resources,” he was insisted.

Yes, but they do not lack, according to what corresponds to them, they are delivered on time because it is also not worth saying that they have no resources because the Federation does not deliver the resources, everything that corresponds to them by law arrives on time, if there is a difficult situation but that affects everyone, the federal government, state governments, municipal governments, well, it affects the people, everyone. ”

Although he recognized that it is necessary to analyze the validity of a scheme created by the Government of José López Portillo, the President called on state and municipal authorities to curb excesses, apply cuts and austerity measures.

After remembering that in some states the councilors get to charge up to 200 thousand pesos a month, he asked the governors to take some measures such as stopping using planes and helicopters for their transfers.

“What is my recommendation? First, that we should tighten our belts, those of the government, be it municipal government, state government, federal government, and there is a way, of course, to see, with all due respect, how much are they earning? the regidores, to begin with, are many municipal governments? “he questioned.

“Savings can be achieved, by no longer buying new vehicles, austerity, not having so many personnel so that they do not stumble, lowering the cost of the government of society and the same in the case of state governments, and, if possible, not using the planes, helicopters, lower costs. “

In recent days, Governors from different states have insisted on the need to carry out a revision of the fiscal pact, considering that there is no fair distribution of public resources.