Amii Lowndes, actress of ‘Dr. Quien’

Amii lowndes, an actress who had appearances in well-known series such as’ Skins’ and ‘Dr. Who ‘, died at the age of 29 after suffering two seizures of epilepsy in the courtyard of her parents’ house, where she was found.

The young woman had not been diagnosed with the disease, for which she was not receiving treatment, and died of SUDEP [acrónimo de sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients], sudden unexpected death in an epilepsy picture.

In the weeks before his sad death, Lowndes had suffered two attacks, but his family did not think that these could get worse over time.

The actress, who starred alongside Peter Capaldi in the BBC’s British sci-fi series in 2014, and was also cast in the medical drama ‘Casualty’, had traveled from London to Bristol during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. In that city, in her parents’ garden, Amii lost her life.

As reported by The Mirror, Lowndes had his first seizure in 2018 and another in May 2020. At that time, he consulted a neurologist, who did not detect a picture of epilepsy. In this telephone consultation, the professional suggested to the young woman that the attacks could be linked to a heart problem. Due, his epilepsy was never treated with medication.

“Amii’s first attack was three years ago, but with her death we learned what SUDEP was,” Bea, Lowndes’ mother, told The Mirror.

“We would have liked to be given the opportunity to know that such attacks could be lethal, as is a heart attack. Nothing will bring Amii back to us, but if we can save a family that is going through the same thing, it will have been worth it, ”said the woman.