BUENOS AIRES – Irene Bindi, a 101-year-old woman, became the positive news of the day in Argentina after leaving the Central Aeronautical Hospital of Buenos Aires to applause, having overcome the coronavirus after 36 days of recovery.

The old woman left the hospital to applause from the health workers who treated her, as seen in a video posted on Facebook by the Air Force – on whom the hospital depends – last Monday.

In the recording, you can see how Bindi leaves her room in a wheelchair and receives the affection of the health personnel, while one of the workers gives her a bouquet of flowers and another asks her affectionately if she is happy with the treatment received, to what she answers affirmatively.

Afterward, the woman walks down the corridor, waving to the medical personnel who walk her down a corridor, similar to that performed by soccer teams to receive the champion with a trophy, and they applaud effusively until Bindi is lost in the distance.

In its Facebook account, the Argentine Air Force congratulated “all the staff” of the hospital who “day by day shows their vocation of service” in the fight against the coronavirus.

The joy shown by the institution spread to the rest of the country’s social network users who soon filled with comments and interactions the publication that at noon on Wednesday totaled more than 30,000 views.

The syndrome can lead professionals to make inappropriate decisions that would have a serious impact on patients. An expert explains.

The recovery of Bindi represents a ray of hope for the country’s population, which is currently in the most complicated stage until the moment of the pandemic.

During this week, the barrier of 100,000 cases of coronavirus was exceeded and last Tuesday 3,645 new infections were confirmed in the country, most concentrated in Buenos Aires and its urban belt (AMBA), despite the strict confinement measures put in place. march in the area.