© Chris Kleponis
President Trump’s actions are being questioned in other nations.

Since the president Donald trump assumed the presidency, the image of the United States has deteriorated in 13 key nations as the country’s partners.

« In several countries, the participation of the public with a favorable opinion of the US is the lowest … for almost two decades », indicates the Pew Research Center on the probe.

The study highlights that 41% in the UK express a favorable opinion of the US, which is the lowest percentage recorded in any Pew poll.

In France, the opinion is much worse, since only 31% see the United States in a positive light, something that had not been seen since 2003, when both nations were in tension over the Iraq war.

The Germans, however, have not changed their opinion for 20 years, as the results have been low since the start of the survey.

The Pew notes that the decline is related to how the Trump Administration has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

« Across the 13 nations surveyed, a median of just 15% say the United States has done a good job dealing with the outbreak », it is aimed.

It is added that President Trump’s ratings have been low in these nations during his presidency.

« The most negative evaluation … is in Belgium, where only 9% say they have confidence that the president of the United States will do the right thing in world affairs, » the report says.

The highest rating for the Republican is in Japan, but it is 25%.

Trump’s actions have generated more negative reactions than towards his predecessor, Barack Obama, especially in Western Europe, in addition to considering it as the “less reliable” leader than those of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China.

It is striking that although right-wing populist parties, similar to Trump’s political profile, give him a better rating, it is still low.