Let’s imagine cool things – paraphrasing Chicharito – and let ourselves be carried away by the statement of the Spanish coach Paco Jémez —Yes, the one with the vomiting press and former Cruz Azul coach—, who assured: “A champion in Mexico, America or Monterrey, is to fight this year [2020] minimum for Europa League and for positions Champions. Much less difference than people imagine. “

Jémez’s words were taken up a few days ago by Guillermo Ochoa, In an interview. The goalkeeper of the Eagles recognized that America could dispute one of those coveted places, for its greatness and organization, although he made it clear that “we will never know, nor will it happen.”

The America No problem, it could compete in the All-Star League, but it would be a mid-table club, taking into account its investment capacity.

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In Spanish soccer, of the four Champions League positions, two are reserved by Real Madrid and Barcelona. The third and fourth places are fought by templates that spend a million euros to enter European tournaments, such as Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Betis and Villarreal.

After these teams, América would well pull out its claws to move away from the relegation places, maintain its place and —possibly— scratch a surprise in the top positions, as this season is the case with Getafe.

The only occasions in which teams from our country face the powerful of Spain —Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​for example— are in Club World Cups and the story ends with defeat and goals.

That is the best parameter to find the differences between the teams. The Spanish League is not that it is a super league where everyone can compete for the title.

Of the 20 First Division clubs, Madrid and Barcelona are almost always champions; from three to eight in the table, the level is very even and the rest have their matches from regular to bad.

If America, Monterrey, Tigres or Cruz Azul, the richest in our League, wanted to enter the bid for European positions, they would have to spend a minimum of € 100 million per season, an unrealistic amount for their economies.

For this reason, the declaration of the poorly remembered Jémez is to look good, because he intends to return to lead Mexico, or he launched it to attract attention. Kisses and hugs for everybody.