America. “He is not in the lineup and did not participate”: Solari on Viñas

Alberto Ávalos

Guadalajara / 02.21.2021 00:09:59

It was forceful and did not enter into controversy. América coach Santiago Solari assured that Federico Viñas had no participation and thus sought to put out the flames due to the possible improper alignment of the team against Atlas.

Questioned in a match of opportunities, Solari did not leave his speech after Viñas was seen heated and on the bench despite not being registered in the arbitration certificate.

« Federico is not in alienation and has not participated in the game and that is all I am going to comment on, » he said.

In fact, for the second half, the Uruguayan attacker was sent to one of the boxes at the Jalisco Stadium, which made the controversy and the mistake they made more evident.

Regarding the football issue, Santiago spoke about the leadership of the Eagles as a result of this victory and with 16 points, which no one can take away from him at least this day.

“We are always in search and in continuing to train, grow. We had the ball, especially in the first half. In the second half, Atlas forced many situations because he had to. We want to keep growing and looking for the way training after training and game after game. We value what we do because every game you win you have to work hard ”, he commented.