The truth, I do not remember what I said (you will understand, it was times when Salinas de Gortari was just adjusting to La Silla), but what I do remember perfectly is how my father, general manager of the disciplinary area of ​​the house, with that characteristic gesture of “go see if he has already put the pig,” he said to me: There are things that you don’t play with. And that phrase stuck with me, because it’s true.

And the perfect example was given by Galaxy from Los Angeles in days gone by. Aleksandar Katai He is no longer a player at the institution, due to racist posts made by his wife on social networks.

The club did not wait, the response was almost immediate and it was announced that the employment relationship was ending by mutual agreement. It is true that Katai did not publish anything, but the sayings of his partner dotted the image of the organization.

In the face of the crisis that the United States is going through, after the vile murder of George Floyd, the angelino picture understood that the oven is not like for buns. And the message he launched was absolutely clear: you have to cut short with racism and any form of discrimination.

We saw the other side of the coin at the opposite end of the country. From New York, Commissioner Roger Goodell took advantage of the situation to accept that the Nfl He was wrong not to allow the peaceful protests against racism, inequality and police brutality that minorities in the American Union suffer daily.

And I say that he took advantage of it, because his message —more than smelling sincerely— has the smell of seeking to purify the image of the emporium he represents.

Or why didn’t he deign to name Colin Kaepernick? The exquarterback was the initiator of the movement and the only victim of the NFL. His career ended at the owners’ decision and he did not deserve an apology from the head honcho of the League.

Goodell’s cheap opportunity, who —with the country immersed in riots and protests— seems more interested in looking in solidarity than in truly being one. In our country, America today is between the Galaxy and the NFL.

Everything is a mystery regarding the situation of Renato Ibarra. His coach explains that —by having a contract with the institution— the doors cannot be closed to him, because he would become a free player and he would lose a large investment.

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Everything said by Miguel Herrera is true, but the image of Club América is worth much more than the millions invested in the Ecuadorian. Terminating his contract and assuming the loss, in the long run, would be more profitable for the Eagles.

Because there are things that you don’t play with. Adendum. Knut is already going to the Galaxy. He has never seen him play, but the directive’s decision won him over. In Mexico, he is still looking for a team. [email protected]