AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution will be compatible with Xbox games

FidelityFX Super Resolution It was released by AMD as a response to NVIDIA’s DLSS. The technique makes it possible to improve the image quality and performance of compatible video games. The technology was originally expected to be available in PC titles, but Microsoft announced that will also support it on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

The Game Development Kit (GDK) for Windows and Xbox now includes a preview of what FidelityFX Super Resolution can do on Microsoft consoles. According to what was posted on Twitter by Jason Ronald, Xbox’s director of program management, AMD’s “supersample” will be available on both Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

It is logical to think that the incorporation of FidelityFX Super Resolution in video games for the Xbox platform will not happen overnight. Nor will it happen in PC titles. Still, the support of the Redmond corporation speaks volumes about what kind of force it can put on NVIDIA and its DLSS.

What is FidelityFX Super Resolution?

At the recent Computex Taipei, AMD took advantage of the stage to show in detail FidelityFX Super Resolution, which it had originally announced in 2020. Through its implementation, compatible video games can scale their graphics at different levels and without compromising their quality or frames per second.

AMD technology, FidelityFX Super Resolution, will be compatible with Xbox games

At that time, the company used Godfall as an example. Starting with a native 49 fps rendering, the technology was able to run the game up to 150 fps. This was achieved using the epic graphics setup, in 4K, with ray tracing and harnessing the potential of a Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics.

Logically, it is still very difficult to know if Xbox titles that support FidelityFX Super Resolution can deliver final results like those that can be achieved on PC. It is very likely that there will be a few months of experimentation before seeing samples of the performance achieved.

It will also be necessary to see what noise this new collaboration between Microsoft and AMD generates in the PlayStation world. Will there be chances of seeing this “supersampling” technique in PS5 games going forward?

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