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Players have created all kinds of projects in Minecraft. The title of Mojang Studios has served as a platform for users to use their creativity and surprise the entire community.

Some fans of the title have even spent years designing spectacular worlds. One of the projects that has attracted the most attention in recent days is that of the player Janisko, who seeks to recreate one of the most catastrophic nuclear accidents in history.

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Chernobyl will come to Minecraft with a special map

According to the details, Janisko has worked 2 years in the Chernobyl Universe, a map that recreates the various areas of Chernobyl, the region affected by the 1986 nuclear accident. The player’s goal is to offer the map in survival mode.

« I am going to build both Chernobyl and other areas further south in the region, as well as the part of Belarus and even the city of Poliske, » said the player. Janisko said that he uses data from the Internet, Google Maps and other sources to recreate the zone.

The player explained that he does not have access to data that would be quite useful for his project, so sometimes he has to improvise and imagine some areas of the region a bit.

Janisko recently shared a new version of her map with the community, where she added a nuclear power plant, a substation, and other elements to make her world more complex.

The player claimed that he creates his project with tools like McEdit2 and Worldpainting, but much of the work has to be done manually. Due to the ambition of his great project, Janisko calculates that he will complete it until around 2023.

If you want to take a look at the project, you can download its latest version from this link. Its creator will improve it little by little with other elements and constructions. Below you can see some images:

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