In just three years, Australian Amber Luke no longer resembles her former appearance

By: Web Writing

Australia.- After losing her sight for several weeks as a result of a blue ink injection in the white area of ​​the eyes, the 25-year-old instagrammer Amber Luke revealed her most recent body modification intervention.

It is a 32 millimeter expander for its lobes. Which has a blue glass.

The Australian narrates that in total she has spent around 120 thousand pounds sterling on her more than 600 tattoos and body modifications. However, consider that no other body modification will be made as extreme as the last ones.

« I no longer plan to have very extreme body modifications. So no more tongue splitting and no more tattooing on the eye. »

The most amazing thing about his case is that if we compare his appearance now with that of 3 years ago, he seems completely different.

2017, right 2020

In Amber’s words, her former appearance was very flat and boring.

« If your eyeball procedure was done correctly, it doesn’t mean you’re going blind forever. I was blind for 3 weeks. It was pretty brutal. »