Amber Heard shares a video with Mera’s tight suit

Share Amber Heard shares a video with Mera's tight suit

Playing Mera from DC Comics is not an easy thing, since the costume she wears takes away a lot of mobility from actress Amber Heard.

We have recently been able to see Amber heard in the version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League which has premiered in HBO Max. She has a couple of scenes where her confrontation with Steppenwolf. But also, at the end of the film, it is revealed that she is one of the few survivors in the apocalyptic nightmare of Batman. That moment that he shares with him Dark Knight, The joker, Cyborg, The Flash and Deathstroke it was recently shot for inclusion in this version.

Now, Amber heard wants us to know the difficulties he went through playing Mere and she shows us a funny video where we can see her in her tight suit and we check the problems she has to sit up, staggering awkwardly and laughing as she hits things. Since she is unable to bend her legs properly.

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We have seen her with different costumes in the DC Comics movies.

Judging by the costume he wears, this video of Amber heard was filmed during the new recordings of the Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Which would mean that the limitations of the suit make sense. After all, if you’re only shooting one scene, you don’t have to be very flexible. So probably the suits of Mere used in Aquaman They allow you to move much more naturally, although the downside is that they are not as ornate. But above all it is shown that they did not use CGI to recreate their appearance. Something very fashionable lately.

The filming of Aquaman 2 begins imminently, so it is likely that Amber heard he’s getting ready to slip into another scaly, tight-fitting suit. Although the safest thing is that she can move better.