Deforestation continues to grow, despite the presence of the military and the various campaigns against the exploitation of natural resources

Azteca News –

The National Institute for Space Research (INPE, for its acronym in Portuguese), announced that the deforestation in the Amazon has increased surprisingly during the first half of 2020, as it was even registered as a new record.

One of the biggest concerns generated by the Amazon jungle is the deforestation which is frequently faced by the exploitation of the human hand. In relation to this, new alarming data were released.

He INPE mentioned this Friday that the deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon it grew by 25% between the months of January to June, which totaled 3,069.61 km2.

These figures registered a record from the numbers obtained in 2015. Likewise, a comparison was made with last year, when it was shown that in June deforestation it reached 1,034.4 km2, while in the same month, but last year, there were 934.81 km2.

The figures released by the INPE they aroused a certain alert, since the deforestation continues to increase despite the military presence in the area, as the president of BrazilJair Bolsonaro sent some troops to take care of the natural areas of commercial and mining exploitation.

Also, these numbers have highlighted that international and business pressure through campaigns against deforestation It has not been enough to stop this environmental problem.

Furthermore, increasing this deforestation It has also caused some concern because the dry season begins, which causes fires in deforested areas and, with them, respiratory diseases arise.

And, in relation to these diseases, they fear an increase in the transmission of Covid-19, the new disease that has had various effects within Brazil.