Amazon will delay Black Friday in this key market due to the pandemic

In France, only supermarkets and shops in essential categories are allowed to stay open

For the rest of the retail companies, it will be analyzed whether they will be able to return to daily operations on December 1st.

Thus, the government has encouraged Amazon and other of its rivals to show solidarity with these stores to start all with Black Friday

There are only a few weeks left in 2020, a year deeply marked by the COVID-19 crisis. But thanks to celebrations like the Good End in Mexico, or the Christmas season in western countries, many businesses have an opportunity to try to recover their sales. At least, that would be the most positive scenario, if there were no clear signs that the health crisis is reaching a new point of emergency. And it already affects agents like Amazon.

According to ., the local office of the online retailer in France has just announced that it will postpone the discounts and offers it had planned for Black Friday. This celebration on a global scale traditionally takes place in the last days of November. However, the celebration is now expected to take place until the first week of December, from the fourth. Amazon indirectly pointed out that the decision responds to the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

Frederic Duval, leader of Amazon France, announced this decision during a TV broadcast. The manager assured that it was decided to postpone Black Friday to “help merchants reopen their stores before December 1”. The statements come after local Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire encouraged supermarkets and e-commerce sites to postpone the celebration. This, to accelerate the return to non-essential premises activities.

A decision that Amazon could replicate on a global scale?

The particular situation in France around the pandemic has turned out to be very complicated. In . data, it seems that the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths has been declining in recent hours. However, this was only achieved after implementing strict quarantines and containment measures over the last few days. It has also been thanks to the support of the largest commercial agents, such as Amazon, that were key to carry out the measures.

Related Notes

But an even more important question is: Could it be that Jeff Bezos’ brand decision is replicated in other countries? It would not be entirely unreasonable. According to The Logical Indian, a wave of cases is occurring in cities and countries that were epicenters of infection months ago. For example, New York, London and Turin. In all of them, Amazon has a great presence. But it must be said that the measures in France are not identical in the rest of the world.

Much will depend on the health and economic priorities of each country. Ultimately, Amazon has said it will postpone, but not cancel, Black Friday in France. In other countries and brands, a number of different decisions could be made to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on sales. For example, according to Mashable, in the United States (USA) many businesses are following the Good End route: extending the celebration.

Problems in time of offers

It should be noted that Amazon is not the only company that has struggled with COVID-19 in the middle of a season of sales. In Mexico, specifically the capital, last week it was theorized that authorities could return the metropolis to the highest degree of health emergency. This, despite still missing a week of offers and discounts throughout the country. In the end it didn’t happen, but it did raise a terrifying possibility for Christmas.

There are other slightly more discreet samples of how the pandemic has affected brands beyond Amazon. For example, Apple designed a new store concept in the US and European markets. The objective is to allow people to attend in physical stores the purchase and collection of products, as well as some customer service processes. But with certain barriers and limitations in order to reduce the incidence of a dangerous infection.