Amazon suffers it again: they change Nintendo Switch

Amazon has become one of the major references in electronic commerce in Mexico.

The Nintendo Switch became a trend on social media this week after Best Buy announced a clearance sale.

The theft of technology products purchased in Mexico has become a problem that neither platforms nor courier / parcel companies have been able to solve.

Amazon has become one of the key platforms in the e-commerce market, due to its leadership, not only in brand value, but also in operations with which it has been able to consolidate internationally, while the Nintendo Switch is a of the highest value consoles on the market.

The weight of Amazon as an e-commerce brand has increased and this growth has not been without controversy, among products that are ordered through this platform.

An unfortunate case has been reported by El Universal, where it is noted that a consumer bought a Nintendo Switch and instead received Coca-Cola soft drinks.

The name affected Alberto Robles, He confessed to the media that as part of a gift to his daughter, he decided to buy her a Nintendo Switch Neon console on December 1.

The purchase arrived two days later by a company courier and he decided to protect the package, to prevent his daughter from seeing it, however, intuition told him to open it 30 minutes after receiving it, being surprised that it was 12 bottles of Coca-Cola soda of 250 milliliters each.

After the unpleasant incident, he contacted the courier company and asked for a return to the platform, but until this Friday, he did not have a favorable response to his request.

One of the consumer’s suspicions is that it was the delivery man who changed the console package for Coca-Cola soft drinks, since he made a second purchase, which was delivered by the same individual, who was nervous when the consumer was decided to open it in front of it.

A similar incident was recorded last March, when Angel Valdes He denounced through social networks that his wife had made the decision to buy him a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, so in the middle of opening gifts during their meeting they discovered that it had been exchanged for a bottle of Fabulous.

This medium contacted Amazon, to find out the brand’s position and what solution is provided to this problem that afflicts consumers.

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