Amazon shoppers get cat food instead of PS5

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/20/2020 9:29 am

ps5 amazon

The launch of a new generation is usually accompanied by a couple of drawbacks. However, this year has been particularly upsetting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not many people claimed a PS5, and those who did perhaps did not receive their piece of hardware on time, or They were even surprised to see something else, except their expected console.

As you may know, yesterday, November 19, the PS5 was finally released globally. However, not everyone was able to enjoy their console on day one. We already told you about the assault on a truck full of this hardware in Chile. Now, UK shoppers report that Amazon has shipped toys, food and everything but the PS5.

According to Eurogamer, several UK stores have had problems with PS5 pre-sales, and many users don’t have their console yet. In related topics, Sony is already preparing an answer for the Xbox Game Pass. Similarly, the PS5 outsold the Switch in sales in Japan.


Via: Eurogamer

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