Amazon revives bitcoin fever

A new sample of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market it became clear; This time, an Amazon ad revives the bitcoin fever.

The company that Jeff bezos announced that it is preparing to start accepting by the end of the year bitcoin as a form of payment.

The price of bitcoin rose almost 15% in less than an hour and a half to $ 39,681, its highest level since mid-June.

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Amazon revives bitcoin fever

The founder of Blue originJeff Bezos is trending again, now because Amazon is reviving the bitcoin fever.

A report published anonymously in the London newspaper City AM would detail Amazon’s plans to receive bitcoin as a payment method.

According to the publication, Amazon wants to accept payments with bitcoin “at the end of the year” and would even be developing your own cryptocurrency by 2022.

The international agency . indicated that the information was provided by a person with privileged data, although it has not been officially confirmed.

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Is Amazon preparing for the crypto market?

On the other hand, the Amazon job board is looking for a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead”.

The Payments Acceptance & Experience team is looking for a product leader with experience to develop strategy and roadmap of products of blockchain and the Amazon digital currency.

The announcement of this position, for a leader of cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is a sign that the company would be opening the way towards cryptocurrency transactions.

And although bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world today, it has also been pointed out as a tool to escape from international financial system.

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Cryptocurrency payments

Apparently, Amazon not only intends to accept this cryptocurrency, it also plans to accept others.

The first stage would be to accept bitcoin and later establish a fast and secure method of payment with other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, cardano Y bitcoin cash.

The crypto project of the company that Jeff Bezos founded is aimed at creating his own native token.

Amazon revives bitcoin fever to grow in the cryptocurrency market and allow paying for goods and services or earning tokens in a loyalty scheme.

Recently Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the company Manzana, called bitcoin “the most amazing mathematical miracle” and said it is “better than gold“.

Although Amazon revives the bitcoin fever, many analysts take its appreciation with caution, as another statement by some big tech gentleman, such as Elon musk, could again collapse.

Tesla and Twitter show interest

The opening of financial markets in Asia showed the impact that new statements by major CEOs have on the cryptocurrency universe.

At an event organized by the investment fund Ark Invest, called “B word”, the CEOs and Twitter, Jack dorsey, and Tesla founder Elon Musk renewed their interest in bitcoin.

The event was specifically organized to promote the institutional use of bitcoin.

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