Amazon Prime Video releases trailer for Cinderella with Camila Cabello

Almost a couple of months after its premiere, Amazon Prime Video released just the first teaser trailer for its next big bet, Cinderella.

In the midst of the creative crisis he is going through Hollywood currently, reviving the classics emerges as a more than obvious solution. However, the production companies seem to have no limits, so an adaptation does not seem to be enough. This is the case of Cinderella, which will once again hit the screens.

This time, the new version of this story comes from the hand of streaming. So things, Amazon Prime Video he is playing a game by producing a new narrative inspired by such a story. In this way, the platform released the first trailer, which has already left countless comments on the internet.

One of the most relevant facts, not only of the advance, but of the film as such, is the appearance of the singer Camila Cabello. The former vocalist of Fifth Harmony She will debut as an actress on this occasion and will play nothing more and nothing less than the protagonist. Her character will be called Ella.

On the other hand, a prominent factor is the attempt of production not to remain anachronistic, but to mix the temporal elements. Despite seeing a very marked period atmosphere, some details, such as the steps of the choreographers or the princess’s dress on the poster, give a more contemporary air. It should be noted that the protagonist will be a fashion designer in this feature film.

The trailer only lasts for 30 seconds, but everything would indicate that the company in charge will release some more promotional images before the premiere. Here’s the teaser:

Thus, on the other hand, a highlight is the presence of Billy porter like the fairy godmother. The singer will give life to this iconic and magical being, but in a “genderless” or “non-binary” interpretation.

The release date of Cinderella It is scheduled for next September 3, 2021.

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