Amazon Prime Video: December 2020 releases

Once we enter fully into the holidays and the cold season, the first thing we want to look for is that movie or series worthy of applying in a marathon and therefore the premieres that Amazon Prime brings in December, can be very helpful. There is from a biopic series to see with your aunts, the second installment of a magical saga, original films and even the animated installment of one of our favorite superheroes.

Find out below what the Premieres Coming to Amazon Prime Video in December.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (December 1)

The Oscar-winning animated film and the one that is probably considered one of the best Spider-Man movies, will finally arrive on Amazon Prime, although surely your spider sense already knew it.

Two Brothers (December 1)

The story of two brother tigers who are separated and taken into captivity. Years later both meet, but in circumstances that lead them to face each other as enemies. Kumal and Sangha will test the ties of their origin. Guy Pearce and Freddie Highmore perform here.

La Guzmán – miniseries (December 1)

Alejandra Guzmán’s biopic series will come with her teachings of a pop rock that defined one or several generations of Mexicans during the last years of the last century.

Can You Keep a Secret? (December 3)

This film based on a bestseller recognized by the New York Times, brings together Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) and Tyler Hoelchin (Teen Wolf), in a romantic comedy where opening your heart before love arrives, it can be a complicated situation especially if it’s your boss.

The Wedding Year (December 10)

A 27-year-old woman with a total commitment phobia puts her relationship to the test when she and her new boyfriend attend 7 weddings in a year.

Wild – Series (December 11)

Is amazon original series, between survival drama, part dystopian sleepover, is about a group of teenage girls who must fight to survive after a plane crash leaves them stranded on a desert island.

I’m Your Woman (December 11)

One of the Amazon Prime originals for this month with Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) in a very different role than her acclaimed comedy. In the 1970s, a woman is forced to flee after her husband betrays his partners, sending her and their baby on a dangerous journey.

The world Outside of Alejandro Sanz (December 11)

The Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz will premiere the documentary The world outside with a new perspective on the historical events experienced during 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (December 15)

The second installment of Fantastic Beasts comes to Amazon Prime for you to see Johnny Depp for the last time as Gellert Grindelwald. Here the world of 1930s magic is put to the test by a charming conqueror and tyrant who wants to end the muggle world.

The Expanse – Season 5 (December 16)

The Expanse continues its story in this fifth season as part of December’s major premieres on Amazon Prime. Original from the platform, the story continues with a solar system on the brink of war and several factions of human series scattered throughout the galaxy about to confront the appearance of extraterrestrial technology.

La Pachanga (December 17)

The Matayana family will throw an incredible party at their house to celebrate the birthday of the head of the family: Mrs. Matilde, however, they realize that the inheritance of the house is at stake. It’s like Grandma’s Grounds: The Movie.

How to be a Latin Lover (December 17)

In December, Amazon Prime has premieres for all tastes and that is why Eugenio Derbez’s comedy where a gigolo is suddenly left in poverty, will arrive to teach us all at the Christmas holidays the importance of humility and family ties.

El Cid – Series (December 18)

Immerse yourself with “Ruy” in an epic journey, from boy to war hero and from squire to Rey; as he tries to find his place within the complex monarchy that tries to control him. It is a series that covers one of the most fascinating historical periods in Spain. A Amazon Prime original series.

Home Office: A special from Mirreyes Vs. Godínez (December 18)

This Amazon Prime special continues the story of Mirreyes Vs. Godínez, but in a format and situations with which we will all identify. All the employees of Zapaterías Kuri González loved the idea of ​​making Home-Office … in March, but after several months of confinement, they are all making a constant effort to maintain their sanity

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt (December 18)

Amazon Prime’s new The Grand Tour special will have Jeremy, Richard and James traveling through Madagascar in modified cars: a Bentley Continental GT V8, Ford Focus, RS and a Caterham 7.

Aquaman (December 21)

DC will also contribute to the Amazon catalog with Aquaman. The action-adventure film directed by James Wan follows the journey of Arthur Curry’s hero (Jason Momoa) as he saves the world and discovers his true destiny as the ruler of Atlantis.

The Secrets We Keep (December 24)

In the United States after World War II, a woman (Noomi Rapace), is rebuilding her life in the suburbs with her husband (Chris Messina), and kidnaps her neighbor (Joel Kinnaman) seeking revenge for the heinous war crimes that believes he committed against her.

Sylvie’s Love (December 24)

A story that will show you what love is in the face of different life situations. A woman who works at her dad’s record store in Harlem in the late 1950s meets an aspiring saxophonist. East amazon original has Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha as protagonists.

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