Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming video service, so to speak, their own version of HBO and Netflix, Like these two platforms, it has movies and series for which it has purchased the rights, as well as its own content that the company produces directly.

However, Prime Video’s own platform still has some differences from its competitors that users expected to see arrive, since they are a great improvement and can make more people decide to hire this service which, in my opinion, is very worthwhile.

Now, Amazon Prime Video is starting to integrate one of the most important Netflix features on the platform, and this is essential for account sharing, since it is about the different user profiles on the same account, Let’s take a look!

Amazon Prime Video will let you create multiple profiles on the same account

If you share the Amazon Prime Video account with multiple people, such as your parents or siblings, it is essential to have separate profiles to distinguish the content you are viewing from the rest and thus be able to have your series or movies ordered, without getting confused and without anyone changing the point where you had been watching them. Profiles are essential to organize what you see and follow it in a good way.

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For this reason, Amazon is beginning to introduce this feature that will allow Prime Video users to create several different profiles that will record what we see, telling us where we have stayed, and without mixing the content, including the possibility of creating a profile for children, designed so that children under 12 do not have access to all the content on the platform, but only to that suitable for their age.

The good news is that we can create up to 6 different profiles, so you will have space for each family member or friend with whom you share this account, which, as I have mentioned, has the most interesting content, both its own and that of third parties. And 6 profiles is already more than Netflix allows, so Prime Video improves its competitors in this regard.

These profiles can be created both from the application and from the web, and soon it will be reaching more people, although according to XDA-Developers, who have already tested this function, profile images cannot be changed at this time as it happens on Netflix.

This novelty, which is being introduced progressively, comes at an ideal time, since due to the coronavirus we have to stay in our home complying with the quarantine, and any way to distract yourself is welcome to hang out until you can return to The normality. And now you can decently share the Prime Video account, without conflicts or problems when it comes to viewing your content.

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