Amazon Prime unveils trailer for haunting Cruel Summer


Amazon Prime Video presents the official trailer and release date of the psychological thriller Cruel Summer, a series that has had Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple (The Sinner) as executive producers

Amazon Prime Video today announced that the highly anticipated psychological thriller series Cruel Summer, produced by independent studio Entertainment One (eOne) and Iron Ocean Productions, will premiere exclusively on Prime Video worldwide on Friday, August 6, excluding United States and Canada.

Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple (The Sinner) serve as executive producers on this 10-episode Amazon Original series, alongside executive producer and creator Bert V. Royal (Rumors and Lies) and showrunner and executive producer Tia Napolitano (Grey’s Anatomy). .


Cruel Summer is an offbeat series that takes place over three summers in the 1990s. Jeanette lives in a small town in Texas. Her shyness does not make her a very popular person, but everything changes when one day Kate Wallis is kidnapped. Jeanette, who apparently has no relationship with the victim, takes her place and becomes the most popular girl in town to finally become the most despised person in America.

Each episode is told from alternate points of view. The series stars Olivia Holt, Chiara Aurelia, Michael Landes, Froy Gutiérrez, Harley Quinn Smith, Allius Barnes, Blake Lee, Brooklyn Sudano, and Sarah Drew. Additionally, Max Winkler directs and produces the pilot episode.



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