The fact that productions have been paused around the world does not imply that we cannot have new series on the way. With ingenuity everything is possible and this is demonstrated by these two protagonists of a successful series on Amazon Prime who will record everything from home and will even have family members as special guests, that is, the ‘Good Omens’ protagonists prepare new comedy.

With a second season unlikely to reach the streaming platform, David Tennant and Michael Sheen had an excellent idea to continue entertaining their audience, as the story of an angel and a demon coming together to fight the end of the Times seems not to convince as expected.

The comedy will be produced by the BBC and the idea is to present in a series of six 15-minute chapters as the production cast of a play called West End survive this quarantine. The show will be called ‘Stage’ and the point is to try to keep rehearsals before the public can go outside.

The effort to try to maintain the essays is great, but it also contains large doses of humor and wit. The cast will be made up of Tennant’s wife, Georgia Tennant, but we’ll also be seeing Lucy Eaton and Anna Lundberg. This program will be available on BBC One And, as expected, everything will be recorded following the social distancing to the letter.

“It is so important that the BBC provides moments of humor and light relief, And this mischievous idea shows what great players Michael and David are, “said Charlotte Moore, BBC’s chief content officer.