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Amazon Prime Video has already set a date for the premiere of the second season of El Cid. The epic series starring Jaime Lorente will return with new chapters next Thursday, July 15.

And as an opening, the streaming service has released the final trailer for the second season that promises to raise the bar with more palace intrigues, more unexpected betrayals and even more spectacular and bloody battles.

The second season of El Cid begins after the death of King Fernando, after his sons Sancho, Alfonso and García are designated as the kings of Castilla, León and Galicia, and Ruy is appointed a knight, a step prior to becoming a true hero. Although for this he must be forced to make very difficult decisions, Amina or Jimena? Sancho or Alfonso? Loyalty or glory? Peace or war?

Battles, love, politics, intrigues, betrayal, death and power struggles make up the second installment of the production that will teach the story of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar: hero and legend, whom his enemies accused of being a traitor.

Jaime Lorente in the role of Rodrigo ‘Ruy’ Díaz de Vivar puts himself back in the shoes of one of the best-known names in the history of Spain. To continue his legend, he will have the participation of Elia Galera; Juan Echanove; Alicia Sanz; Francisco Ortiz; Jaime Olías; Lucia Guerrero; Lucia Diez; Nicolás Illoro; Juan Fernández; Pablo Álvarez; Emilio Buale; Dani Albaladejo; Rodrigo Poisón; David Castillo; Alfons Nieto; Sara Vidorreta; Adrián Salzedo and Álvaro Rico. In addition, the cast is completed by Hamid Krim; Sarah Perles; Zohar Liba; Adil Koukouh; Angel Bonanni; Samy Khalil and Amparo Alcaraz.

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