Amazon Music has finally succumbed to podcasting and Jeff Bezos’ music-on-demand platform will also offer podcast, emulating the strong and determined bet of Spotify for this type of content so on the rise.

The first markets to receive this novelty, according to Podnews, They are the United States and the United Kingdom. And the premiere begins with tens of thousands of titles.

An open secret, an expected move

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According to information published by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon seeks to attract new users to Amazon Music by offering about 70,000 podcasts from the beginning. The launch of the podcasting section is taking place this Wednesday and what managers expect is to address this competitive segment, being able to differentiate themselves from the competition. That is, from Spotify.

A few days ago, in Engadget they interviewed Paul Firth, director of Amazon Music in Europe, who when asked about the possibility that podcasts were important for the platform refused the question, assuring that he could not talk about other issues and remarking that they are “very focused on music.”

Amazon executives hope to find a new way to increase users by differentiating themselves from the competition

How to listen to and subscribe to a podcast on Spotify

The rumors began last August, when The Desk reported that the company was contacting producers of some podcasts. This movement also brings Amazon Music’s offering a little closer to that of rivals like Spotify and further increases the possibilities of its range of speakers, which are currently capable of reproducing this type of content through third-party applications.

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