The phenomenon has been growing for years and today it is already a business that many of the large companies do not want to lose. We talk about podcasts and how Amazon Music has just entered this field. At the moment, yes, it does so with limited scope to Germany, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom, although the experience will not take long to be exported to the rest of the territories in which the Internet giant operates.

It was an open secret, although in the end it has not ended up being quite as predicted. Podcasts hit Amazon Music And not just Audible, the company’s proprietary streaming audiobook platform. The movement is interesting because it means the appearance on the scene of a new rival at the height of the two greatest exponents in the international arena, Apple and Spotify. But Amazon won’t just compete by offering podcast support.

In the style of Spotify, the company of Jeff Bezos you already have an original schedule prepared by famous names like Will Smith, DJ Khaled, Becky G, Dan Patrick just for the start; Programs outside the English-speaking environment are not going to be of much interest, but with a lot of traction in the national market. Of course, there will be no shortage of the most popular podcasts that are not tied to any particular service and the same is expected for the rest of the world.

However, it seems that the podcasts on Amazon Music will have limitations very similar to those that Spotify suffers: you can listen to what you have, and surely there will be a lot, but you can not add anything ‘by hand’, continuing with the corruption of one of the elemental pillars of the podcast experience. After all, a podcast is still an audio file distributed through content syndication. A radio show created to be distributed by RSS, wow.

Also, keep in mind that unlike for example Spotify, access to Amazon Music is restricted to Amazon Prime subscribers, which in principle could reduce the scope of the proposal. But perhaps that is precisely why Amazon has set its sights: they already had millions of customers when membership was limited to free shipping, Amazon Prime Video has more and more pull and has revalued payment … Amazon Music lacked an incentive and it may be East.

It should be remembered that Amazon Music is part of the Amazon Prime package, but it has a very reduced catalog of available songs and to enjoy something at the level of Spotify -despite the advertising that you eat in the free mode- you have to pay for Amazon Music Unlimited. If you add to this that the application is quite bad … For this reason, perhaps, the arrival of podcasts on the platform will help to give it life.