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Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Edition is a smartwatch specifically designed for surfers who want to get the most out of the waves.

Surfers appreciate every wave that comes their way to catch it and enjoy gliding down it. It is an incredible sport, very addictive and with an incredible culture. Luckily there are brands that have seen in surfers an interest to have more information on their wrist, that’s why there is this Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Edition smartwatch.

If you are interested in having a specific watch for surfers, then you can get this Instinct Solar Surf Edition for only 314 euros on Amazon. A good reduction of the 360 ​​euros it was costing.

This sports watch is quite complete when measuring sports activities and quantifying physical values, with solar charge and also tidal information and specific details to improve your activity at sea.

Shipping is totally free for all customers, but if you can’t wait for a few days, if you sign up for Amazon Prime right now, you can get it with fast shipping wherever you are. You will have 30 days of free trial and you can cancel whenever you want.

It is a doubly special smartwatch. On the one hand, it is designed for surfers with specific information on the tides of where you are. So you can know the state of the sea from your wrist and record the number of waves surfed, speed and distance traveled.

But it is also it is a smartwatch that feeds on the sun to charge its battery. This allows you to have incredible autonomy when you do sports outdoors. You can reach up to 54 days of autonomy in smart mode depending on how much it is exposed to the sun.

It is designed to last, with a resistance of up to 100 meters underwater and military certificate against blows.

For surfers and any type of athlete

Although this version is designed for surf lovers, it is also a good option for athletes of other activities. It maintains its characteristics as a normal smartwatch, that is, with notifications, WiFi, Bluetooth and even NFC to make payments with Garmin Pay.

It also maintains items such as support for GPS, Galileo and GLONASS, tracking sports such as surfing, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, rowing, strength activities and much more. The heart rate sensor works 24/7 and also has blood oxygen sensor.

There are many sports watches, but not all of them are suitable for swimming and measure everything you need to know about your performance. Here are some of the ones that do, and very well too.

It does not matter what sport you practice, but if you like surfing or swimming, you cannot miss this Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Edition because it is now on sale at Amazon.

Remember that you have it on offer for a limited time at only 314 euros with free shipping.

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