Amazon lights up your streams like never before with a single device

If you like to broadcast live video through platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, you cannot miss this gadget.

If your thing is to stream through platforms like Twitch or make video calls with a certain frequency, Amazon has a product that will help you achieve the best video quality and the best lighting simultaneously. It is a papalook brand webcam that integrates a powerful ring of light and that, in addition, it currently has an offer that you cannot miss.

Thanks to the help of this device, you will not have to worry about buying an external light to make your broadcasts look good, or that the darkness does not dominate while making video calls with your co-workers. The best sound will not be lacking either, as this webcam also equips two omni-directional microphones. We discover everything about this curious device, below.

Better video and audio quality, with the best lighting, in a single device

Allow users who consume your live broadcasts or with whom you share video calls to see you with the best quality thanks to this papalook webcam, with Full HD resolution and fixed focus so you don’t have to manually set the focal length.

The circle surrounding the webcam is a light ring with 3 adjustable brightness levels via touch control. Thus, you can get the best lighting for your streams without having to buy an external light ring. This appliance can also rotate 360 ​​degrees, so that you can focus on different places in the room without having to remove it from the place where it is fixed.

Finally, the papalook webcam with ring light also has two omni-directional microphones that are responsible for capturing the best audio and reducing external noise. This device does not require additional driver to work, so you just have to connect it to the USB port of the computer to start using it.

This webcam with a ring of light has a launch price of 99.99 euros, although now it can be yours at Amazon for only 67.99 euros. You know, if you take advantage of this offer, you can save you 32 euros by getting this interesting and useful product.

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