Amazon is inspired by Xiaomi and launches Build It, a ‘crowdfunding’ platform for its new products

Amazon announced Build It, a crowdfunding platform in which users can choose a new product to develop. In practice, it is similar to Kickstarter, although the most direct comparison is with Xiaomi, which has been implementing this strategy for several years in various products.

Build it is part of its Day 1 Editions program, which engages users to get their opinion on new products. Amazon will now integrate crowdfunding as a way to know what interests your customers.

The show will debut with three products: a post-its printer, a kitchen scale and a cuckoo clock, all powered by Alexa. Interested parties may make an advance purchase within the Amazon website, which will serve to increase the interest rate. If the bar reaches 100% within 30 days, the product will be manufactured.

Amazon Build It to debut with three Alexa-compatible products

The first three smart devices are already available for reservation with a deadline of March 19 at 8:59 (GMT-8). The printer Smart Sticky Note $ 90 lets you take quick notes without writing them down.

Just pair it with an Echo and say “Alexa, print a note …” followed by the reminder for the device to work its magic. The thermal printing is done instantly and does not require ink or toner. The product includes a roll of yellow adhesive paper, although other colors may be purchased separately.

The scale Smart Nutrition also works with Alexa for get nutritional information of various ingredients. You can ask the assistant to weigh a certain amount of a product based on its calories, or ask how much sugar it contains.

Amazon Build It

According to Amazon, the scale has access to a database with thousands of foods. If you pair it with an Echo Show you can display additional nutritional information on the screen. The price of the Smart Nutrition Scale is $ 35.

Finally, Amazon put its watch up for sale Smart cuckoo, a $ 80 smart cuckoo that includes speakers and Alexa compatibility. You can set alarms or timers via voice commands that will be displayed on the LED screen. Unlike mechanical cuckoos, the Amazon watch allows choose a variety of sounds and automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.

The technology revealed that if the concepts do not achieve the minimum reservations for 30 days, they will be canceled and the money will be returned to users. If the product is specified, the shipment will be made between July and September. There is also the possibility of later selling it to the general public, although in limited quantities.

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