Amazon CEO tips for success

Long-term strategies, decision-making, the importance of innovation, losing the fear of failure, gifts, choices, and financial thinking are some of the concepts that Bezos addresses in his new book “Believe and Wander” ($ 1,420 at Cronishop).

Through various letters and writings that he has compiled, the undisputed leader in online shopping worldwide takes a journey through the history of the creation, management and development of Amazon.

“Intelligence is a gift; kindness, a choice. Gifts do not cost: after all, they are given to us. Elections, on the other hand, can be difficult. If you are not attentive, you can rest on your laurels; and if you do, your choices will probably be harmed « explains Jeff Bezos in his book.

In addition to guides and tips to address the business world, the author also prints his way of seeing economic systems, his curiosity about space exploration (which he expresses today in Blue Origin), the importance of caring for the environment and the actions taken by Amazon in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic are other aspects that he delves into in his book.

The adopted son of a Cuban immigrant, Bezos was not born in a golden cradle. Among other stories, he tells how he made the decision to leave the financial company for which he worked in New York and start setting up his own company independently. In his book he recognizes the benefits of this way of working and brings it to reality:

“I am fascinated by garage entrepreneurs and invest in many of the businesses they create. I know many of them. However, no one is going to build a fuel-efficient, all-carbon-fiber Boeing 787 in their garage. Something like this is not going to happen. To build an airplane like that you need Boeing. If you like your smartphone, you need Apple or Samsung to make it. These are the things that entrepreneurship-based capitalism does wonders when it works well. And there are market failures that nobody cares about, so you have to turn to philanthropy and public institutions to take care of them. So you need different models for different things. But, without a doubt, this world would be much worse without, for example, Boeing, Apple and Samsung ”.

In addition to providing his business insight, Jeff Bezos also cares about the current world situation. In the last chapter of the first part he relates: “We are collaborating with the World Health Organization by providing advanced cloud technologies and technical knowledge to track the virus, identify outbreaks and contain its spread. WHO is using our cloud to build large-scale data lakes, aggregate epidemiological data by country, rapidly translate medical training videos into multiple languages, and help healthcare workers around the world better care for their patients ”, and continues to reflect on how the pandemic has impacted the world.

« Believe and Wander » is a guide of experiences and advice from one of the richest men in the world to achieve success in any business.

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