Amazon buys the secure messaging platform Wickr

Amazon has closed a purchase agreement with the Wickr company, a firm specialized in the development of communications applications, best known for the messaging applications of the same name. Or what is the same, Amazon already has its own secure messaging service.

Like many other companies with similar services, Wickr was born at the beginning of the last decade, even before the American espionage scandal carried out by the NSA was revealed by Edward Snowden, with all the tail that those brought (basically, that all governments They spy on their citizens’ communications and spy on each other, or at least they try).

Then what has come to be called the awakening of privacy – the lack of it, rather – emerged on the Internet and concepts such as free software and encryption on the client side began to become popular as essential requirements to ensure a minimum of it. . And while Wickr is not one of the strongest examples of such a trend, it has been one that has prospered.

Wickr, the new secure messaging from Amazon

To compare it to something, Wickr would be something like a mix of Signal and Slack, a communications service focused on work groups, but with a style closer to that of the typical instant messaging application. It allows you to chat, as well as share files with end-to-end encryption and expiration date before automatic deletion.

At the time, Wickr was even recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, even though it was not among the first options in the table maintained by the organization because it is not entirely open source software, or limits the scope of its end-to-end encryption. , in a way similar to that used by Telegram, to take a well-known example.

In any case, Wickr became especially popular after the last US national elections, being chosen as the internal communications platform of the Democratic Party. In addition to this, it is used by many other large organizations in the country, but also internationally, and with its purchase by Amazon it is within its reach to give the definitive impulse.

As has been announced, the purchase of Wickr will not affect the current clients of the platform in any way, who in fact will not notice any changes. It will benefit that yes, and from now on, to the Amazon Web Services customers, the goose that lays the golden eggs of the e-commerce giant, so initially this movement will not influence beyond the walls of the professional sector… But it could be different in the near future.

Because Amazon also has domestic customers, and we are not talking about those who buy in its store, but about those who use its devices, in which an encrypted messaging application from the company itself makes a lot of sense. Not to mention that with this purchase, Amazon almost has in its hands a potential alternative to Microsoft’s Teams and services of that nature. So who knows if they will surprise us shortly with other more mundane news.

For now, Wickr can be used for free by individuals or workgroups of up to ten people, with applications available for mobile (Android, iOS) and PC (Linux, Mac, Windows). Larger groups must contract one of the payment plans.

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