Amazing Yellow Penguin Caught on Island

Millennium Digital

Mexico City / 02.19.2021 06:06:06

Nature continues to surprise us. Can you imagine being able to appreciate a unique penguin? What would be the difference with the others? It turns out that a photographer managed to capture an image of a beautiful yellow penguin on an island in South Georgia, that is, unique and different. We tell you how he managed to find it and we present the incredible images.

It was through social media that wildlife photographer Yves Adams shared his great discovery. He said that he had never seen a penguin like it. He commented that it all happened on a two-month expedition in the South Atlantic in December 2019.

Along the way, those who were part of the expedition decided to stop on an island in South Georgia to photograph a colony of more than 120,000 penguins. It was there that he managed to find the incredible and unique penguin. The yellow penguin stood out from the 120 thousand king penguins.

According to their statements, the group was lucky that the penguin arrived in front of them.

“Win the nature lottery by seeing the most beautiful king penguin and being able to take pictures! While unpacking our rubber boats just after landing on a remote beach on South Georgia Island, this king penguin walked directly in our direction amid chaos filled with Antarctic fur seals and fur seals, and thousands of other king penguins. How lucky could I be! ”, The photographer shared on his Instagram account.

Why is the penguin yellow? It is this color because the cells of the ‘leucistic’ penguin do not create melanin, that is, their black feathers turn yellow. According to scientists, the yellow pigment in penguins ‘feathers is chemically distinct from all the other molecules known to color penguins’ feathers.