Amazing! This is the trailer for HBO Max’s Reunion of Friends

Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica return after 17 years to surprise Friends fans with iconic moments, special guests and more.

Friends, one of the most watched series in history, returns after 17 years with a special. Not much is known about the format, as it will not be a chapter or a movie, rather a show integrated with many elements. Friends: The Reunion was produced by HBO Max.

On May 27, a tribute episode of the show will arrive on the streaming platform, which had 10 seasons, which were broadcast on Warner channel from 1994 to 2004. Now, with the cast much more mature than seen before, the mythical characters recreated iconic scenes for this montage.

One of those cases is seen in the official trailer. It is the question game that Ross leads in the chapter entitled The One with the Embryos. In addition, you can see the cast in famous sets such as Monica’s apartment, the Central Perk Cafe wave fountain of the musical theme that opened the program.

Also, in the preview appear some of the guest stars that will be present. The popular “Oh … My … God!” from Janice or the mustache of Richard They will make their comeback together with the most popular friends on TV.

The meeting was scheduled to be recorded and premiered last year, as part of the launch of the catalog of HBO. However, the effects of the COVID-19 plans affected and will be available from next week.

Amazing!  This is the trailer for HBO Max's Reunion of Friends

The production will feature the participation of the icons of Friends. Jennifer Aniston will be like Rachel, Courtney cox What Monica, Lisa kudrow What Phoebe, David schwimmer What Ross, Matthew perry What Chandler Y Matt le blanc What Joey.

Among the guests, the former soccer player stands out David beckham, Reese witherspoon Y Justin Bieber.

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